'Cut From The Same Cloth' 

Commissioned by The Hepworth Wakefield .

Music Stephen Quildan . Premiered June 2017 . 

Choreography For Live Gallery Performance

A choreographic response to Jonathan  Anderson's (JW Anderson) sculpture and fashion exhibition, 'Disobedient Bodies'. 

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In late 2016 Jack was commissioned by The Hepworth Wakefield to respond choreographically to exhibition 'Disobedient Bodies' . This response lead to the creation of a 9 minute duet. This duet was performed in the hub of the exhibition, which homed an installation of 28 oversized hanging jumpers. Performed by Jack himself and dancer Travis S C- Knight (from Studio Wayne McGregor).   

Alongside the live performance, Jack collaborated with photographer Danilo Moroni to create a series of still images that would capture this duet more permanently. This can be seen on the publication Mode & Motion.  Click here.

'Business is Brutal' 

Commissioned by Random Acts . 

Music Tanya Tagaq .  Filmed  April 2017 . Released Nov 2017 .

Choreography For Camera/Film.

Jack choreographed the short film he was commissioned to make by Random Acts . 

Dancers Chihiro Kawaski, Sam Coren, Phoenix Dance Theatre, Asmara Cammock and Joseph Thomas.

'The choreographic journey for 'Business Is Brutal' started with me acknowledging that I wanted to find different ways into the work'. 

'One of these ways in, was through the uses of language. Taking sayings and phrases that are used workplace and then translating those expressions of language into and expression of the physical.' 

'For example, workers might say 'the boss is on my back' and by physically placing the boss on the back of a worker, I began to create a base of movement and phrasing, which we went on to develop'. 

' For the dance to create that feeling of surrealism within the film, I had to make sure it did not just become fight choreography. It had to be an expression of a fight and violence, to distinguish that subtle different of reality and distortion felt within dreams and emotions. '     

Watch and Read more about the film

'Solo Work' 

Music Gallery Noise . Premiered May 2016 .

Choreography For Live Gallery Performance.

Length 23 minutes .

Jack was invited to attend The Hepworth Wakefield 5th Birthday Celebration and this lead to an improvised solo in response  'The Family Gift'.


Music Joby Talbot . Premiered  December 2013 . 

Choreography For Stage. 

Dancers - Klevis Elmazaj, Brittany Galpin, Jack Thomson

A special thank you to the dancers for their time and artistic contribution into the creation and performing of this piece.

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This piece explores the idea of leaving a meditative or tranquil state of the mind with it's unity, fluidity and coherency and then the mind returning to the physical world, with its physical limitation, restrictions and distractions . This piece shows this journey, and ends with a separation of what was originally a collective 000. Into a division of a weaker entity and a stronger force, 0/00.

Reviews - 'Thomson produced a piece of his own, an ingenious piece for three dancers involving the acrobatic and dynamic use of three portable barres on stage, there was much clever choreography here'

Amanda Jennings, Dance Europe- August/September - 2014

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